Dog Walks 20 Miles — Twice! — to Try to Reunite With Previous Owners

A determined dog named Cathleen is making headlines after she tried to return to her previous owners not once, but twice, walking 20 miles each time. 

According to KTLA, Cathleen’s owners moved to a new home in Seminole, Oklahoma, and decided they couldn’t keep her and gave her to someone living in Prague, a little less than 20 miles away, temporarily before Seminole Animal Shelter could find her a permanent new home.

Cathleen missed her homeowners though and has since walked back home twice. 

“She’s very sweet; very calm and docile,” reserve animal control officer Lynzi Thompson told KOCO. “She’s a love bug.”


It’s unclear why Cathleen’s homeowners couldn’t keep her, but they’re working with the animal shelter to find her a new home. 

“Let us tell you the story of Cathleen. Cathleen is precious and her original family loved her very much. But they moved into a home in town where they couldn't keep her,” the shelter shared on Facebook. “So they gave her to someone in Prague a few months ago. Cathleen has traveled TWICE from Prague (about a 20 mile trip) and returned to her family in Seminole. Her heart wants to be with them but they cannot keep her. We have now stepped in to assist Cathleen on her next journey.”

Click here for more info on the sweet pup!

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