John Cena Admits the Sneaky Way He Knew Fiancée Nikki Bella Would Say Yes

Who knew John Cena was such a romantic? The wrestling pro stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday, December 12, to promote his latest film, Ferdinand, and adorably dished on his proposal to fiancée Nikki Bella

The athlete — who stars in the animated movie alongside SNL’s Kate McKinnon — proposed to Nikki Bella in the ring in front of a packed house at WrestleMania 33 this past April, surprising the Total Divas star and rest of the audience.  

“It was everything I would have ever wanted,” Cena gushed to us of the moment. “It was asking the woman I can’t live without to spend the rest of my life with me and it was in front of my [WWE] family.”

While Nikki was vocal on E!’s Total Divas about wanting to get engaged, the proposal felt like a long time coming for their fans. That said, John shared with OAWRS that he always knew he was going to propose. In fact, he sneakingly asked her about marriage well before popping the question. 

“Nicole and I kind of had a joke between each other,” Cena explained. “She’s been at my side for a few surgeries and in the beginning of our relationship — when they put you under you have like five minutes of semi-consciousness where you do not remember what you say — I would let her know … if you ever want to know anything about me in those five minutes, you can ask me anything you want and I will give you an honest answer and I won’t remember.”

John continued that Nikki would always just ask him how he was feeling and other basic questions, but once it was her turn to go under for neck surgery, he took full advantage. 

“I was like, ‘Oh! This is my turn!’” John joked. “And I really worked her up for months about when you go under I have a long list of questions … so she goes under and she’s loopy … and I leaned in and I said, ‘Can you hear me?’ And she goes ‘Yeah.’ I said I only have one question and I said ‘You know I’m going to marry you some day?’ And she said ‘yes.’” 

The actor concluded that Nikki never remembered the moment until he told her after he proposed earlier this year. 

“I knew it would make for a cool unique story and she wanted to know for so long what I asked her.”

Cue the sw0o0o0ns.

Listen to the full interview above to hear more from Cena and to get all the details on his latest film, Ferdinand.

Ferdinand hits theaters on Friday, December 15.

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