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Pregnant Sisanie Gets Real About Nose Bleeds, Throwing Up

In case you missed it, Ryan’s cohost Sisanie is pregnant with twins — and we’re all along for the ride!

Each week, Sisanie will update us on her pregnancy and all those real-life, mom-to-be moments by filling out a questionnaire dishing on everything from what she’s craving to what TMI moment she’s recently suffered. 

For what we’ve dubbed #HumpDayBumpDay, Sis reveals this week that she’s 15 weeks along and her twins-to-be are the size of pears. Her husband, Michael, has also started packing her daily lunch. 

She’s been suffering nose bleeds, which is common among pregnant woman, and yes, when she brushes her teeth she still sometimes throws up! 

See this week’s #HumpDayBumpDay entry below and sound off in the comments if you did or are experiencing anything similar during your pregnancy!