Ryan Seacrest Gets Mistaken for Nick Lachey: See the Comparison

Ryan Seacrest and Nick Lachey could be brothers. Their similarities were pointed out when Ryan was visiting Cincinnati on a business trip and a man mistook him for the 98 Degrees singer. 

“We went to Cincinnati to meet with the Proctor & Gamble people … and we walk into a [deli] and I see this guy orders a coffee and the guy behind the counter goes ‘Harold, your coffee!’ Harold with his Cincinnati Reds hat walks by me and I say 'Hi, Harold, how are you doing?'” Ryan recalled to Nick when he stopped by the studio on Tuesday, November 21. “He comes back and goes … ‘You look familiar … I’ve got an eye for famous people … This is great! Nice to talk to you. I can’t wait to tell my family how I met Nick Lachey.'”

The hilarious moment will forever live on in the photo somewhere with the man in Cincinnati, but it made it even better to be able to recall it with Nick himself.

“There’s an uncanny resemblance there,” Nick agreed. “If we ever add a fifth member to the group, Ryan, expect a call. You’ll fit right in.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum has been busy kicking off a 31-show tour with 98 Degrees for their latest Christmas album, Let it Snow.

Listen to the full interview above to hear which track of Lachey’s is his favorite off the album and more.