Sisanie: Your Hair Talks. Make A Statement. Episode 7.

Do blondes really have more fun? Sisanie found out a few years ago when she took her hair from her natural brunette to platinum blonde!

“After my wedding, I wanted to do something drastic,” she explained to the John Frieda Hair Care team. “I started going blonder, and blonder, and blonder, and blonder!”

The end result was the lightest Sisanie’s hair has ever been, and an unexpected look for her friends and family.

“It was definitely different, especially for people who hadn’t seen me in a few months,” Sisanie laughed. “It was always a conversation starter.”

As for that age-old question? Sisanie revealed: “It’s kind of true! I feel like I really did have more fun when I was platinum blonde.”

While Sisanie couldn’t maintain the blonde forever, she did have some fun with it before going back to brunette by dying her hair PURPLE.

“People were breaking their necks trying to look at it!” Sisanie said.

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