Just hours before walking into the On Air With Ryan Seacrest studio, Sabrina Carpenter had rolled up to the front of her house in the middle of the night on her tour bus.

"It’s super baller," she admitted. "Except for the neighbors don’t like it.”

The former Girl Meets World star-turned-pop sensation has literally been on a roll the past year, which has included the release of her second studio album Evolution, an opening slot on the Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman tour and setting out on her own headlining tour.

“It’s been crazy," Sabrina said. "And obviously with 'Why' coming out just a week ago, so much has changed. And I’ve been getting a really nice response so I’m very happy.”

Her latest single, written with Brett "Leland" McLaughlin, explores what happens when opposites attract, a concept Sabrina revealed grew out of a disagreement over New York City and is reflected in the song's first lyric: You like NYC in the daytime / I like NYC in the night.

"We just kept going off on these things about like, air conditioning, and things that people like and other people don’t like," Sabrina explained. "But it doesn’t mean that we can’t get along just because you like air and I don’t.”

Ryan suggested Sabrina might be interested in a new dating app that brings people together based on things they hate, however she had other ideas.

“Have you ever heard of FarmersOnly.com? I just want to meet up with a farmer," Sabrina laughed. "Because of the jingle.”

It's doubtful Sabrina has had the opportunity to meet many farmers while on the road this year, which was highlighted by an opening slot on Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman tour in Brazil.

“It was insane," Sabrina gushed. "I’ve never seen such a crowd. It was incredible, and she was amazing. The whole show was beautiful, celebrates so much love and acceptance, and to be a part of it was so crazy.”

Sabrina added that the experience was inspirational for her own headlining tour, which extends through August of this year

“I always try to take away one thing from each performer that I see," she said. "Even if you’re not into their music, you can find something about…how they connect with the audience…or how the show flows... There’s no screen between you, there’s no filters. It’s real. And that’s why I love that concerts are still existing.”

Sabrina gave the On Air With Ryan team a little concert of her own, performing a sultry cover of Shawn Mendes' hit "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" which she revealed is one of her current favorites.

Another favorite? Beyoncé, who Sabrina was also lucky enough to meet recently during a chance encounter in the hallway of the building where they were both rehearsing.

“She was like ‘Hi, I’m B.’ And I was like ‘I know," Sabrina said freaking out. “I wasn’t expecting her to know my existence. It was really a humbling experience. To have Beyoncé walk past you and make sure you know that you exist… you’re just blessed.”

"Why" is available on iTunes now.