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Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Reveals Why She Let Dean Go

Bachelor Nation was S H O O K following last night's episode when Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay sent fan-favorite Dean packing after a dramatic hometown date.

Speaking with On Air With Ryan this morning, Rachel revealed the real reason she let Dean go didn't have anything to do with age.

“Dean was learning a lot about himself," Rachel explained. "And I felt like some of the emotions that he had with me, in regards to love, were wrapped up in that I was going through a lot of firsts with him... I felt like he wasn’t ready for the same things that I was.”

With Dean now out of the picture, Rachel has only three suitors remaining: Bryan, Eric and Peter. We already know she has accepted a proposal from one of these men, however Rachel is still keeping quiet on who gave her the Neil Lane diamond and admits they haven't yet set a wedding date. Still, that didn't stop Ryan from trying to badger the top secret info out of her in an effort to retake the lead in the On Air With Ryan Bachelorette Fantasy League. 

"You're just gonna have to keep watching," Rachel laughs. "I can't wait til we can really talk this out."

At this point, all we can hope is that Rachel is happy...and that she's left Peter for the rest of us.

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