Sisanie: Your Hair Talks. Make A Statement. Episode 5.

Trying out new hairstyles and colors can be super fun, but every once in awhile you might end up with a look you simply regret. Sisanie recently set the scene for her biggest hair fail: chunky highlights.


“It was 2003, freshman year of college. I was living on my own, finally away from my parents,” she explained, “And I was starting to experiment with my hair.”

Sisanie told the John Frieda hair care team she was convinced chunky highlights were “in” at the time, and described the look she later came to regret.

“Big chunk of blonde, big chunk of a dark brown, big chunk of a different color… just like a zebra effect all over.” While she thought it looked good at the time, Sisanie said she would never do that look now.

Unfortunately, she has plenty of pictures to haunt her because she was a bridesmaid in her brother’s wedding that same summer.


“It just…did not look good,” she laughed.

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