Sisanie: Your Hair Talks. Make A Statement. Episode 4.

Most ladies can pinpoint one beauty look that they’ll remember forever; for Sisanie, hers happens to be unforgettable for several reasons.

“If I had to pick my favorite hairstyle that I’ve ever had, it would have to be right around the time that I got married,” she told the John Frieda hair care team.

Sisanie had a hunch she might be getting a ring and actually started thinking about the look for her wedding day even before the proposal.

“I was preparing my look for my wedding day so I let my hair grow, grow, grow,” she explained.

For over a year Sisanie let her brown locks become the longest they’ve ever been, and for her big day she ended up with a breathtaking style that she’s never quite been able to recreate.

“It was all swept to one side, like that old Hollywood, romantic, loose curls all the way down,” Sisanie gushed. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt more confident than I did on my wedding day.”