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Charlie Puth Interrogates Man Who Canceled Date With Ryan Seacrest's Producer

After releasing his debut album Nine Track Mind in 2016, singer-songwriter Charlie Puth is on to the next one as he carefully puts new music together for his second release. After previewing his new single "Attention" in "an immersive music exhibit" called The Attention Room in L.A. earlier this week, Puth officially dropped the new tune in full on Friday.

For the R&B-influenced track, Puth became a one-man-band who layered his own beatboxing, bass production, and vocals on a moving tour bus. The chorus -- which usually doesn't take Puth a long time to complete -- took over seven hours to complete due to the bus' loud generator that would constantly interrupt his recording.

"Sonically [and] musically, it's the track we released to the world for many different reasons," Puth told On Air with Ryan Seacrest in studio on Friday. "Sonically, I produced the record and it's on that R&B tip of something that I've wanted to put out for a long time, [but] I couldn't necessarily come out of the gates with," Puth ... It's that R&B stuff that I love so much."

On top of working on new music, Puth is also working hard on his fitness with some help from singer-songwriter and workout guru Shawn Mendes, who is always in Puth's ear to stay on a healthy track. Puth said, mocking Mendes, "I'm trying to get on his level and he would always make fun of me being like, 'Charlie, why are you skipping the gym? Charlie why are you eating room service? Charlie why are you eating ice cream?'"

Puth will return the favor by performing on select dates of Mendes' Illuminate World Tour, which launches its North American leg on July 6 in Portland, Oregon. "I'm going to be on tour with Shawn and it's going to be more of like a muscle-off rather than actually his show," he joked, then said in all seriousness, "Musically, I am very excited he asked me to be a part of that tour."

Before Puth left the studio, he helped his good friend, OAWRS's very own Tanya Rad, with some relationship advice. Tanya had plans to leave for New York after today's show to see a guy named Michael who she's been talking to for some time now. However, Michael texted Tanya this morning that he has a high fever of 102, forcing her cancel her flight and hotel room and pay some penalty fees. Tanya feels sorry for the guy -- who sent her proof his thermometer and trip to the doctor's office -- but Puth thinks he is just making an excuse.

"I know I'm crazy -- and guys are crazy -- and he might have that picture of the thermometer just in his phone," a skeptical Puth said, referring to it as a "file photo." "I'm not just going to make assumptions that it is indeed a file photo, but you can also sense when a fever is coming."

Ryan managed to get Michael on the phone so Puth could feel out the situation. During the phone call, Michael explained how his ailment escalated, which only left Puth more skeptical of his excuse. "We're not saying you're not sick, but you do sound -- don't be mad at me Tanya -- you do sound alright! That's all I'm saying!" Puth told Michael after he gave his explanation.

You can purchase Puth's "Attention" single on iTunes here.