Rob Lowe Puts Tanya Rad to the ‘Mental Samurai’ Test 😂: Watch

Rob Lowe put Tanya Rad to the test on Wednesday, March 27. The actor stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest to promote his new FOX show Mental Samurai. The thrilling new competition series pushes every aspect of human intelligence and mental agility. 

“It’s so fun,” Lowe, who rolled in from Santa Barbara, California, shared of the new competition show. “The people who do America Ninja Warrior came to me so that’s an obstacle course for the physical and their idea, which I thought was so fun, was what would an obstacle course for the mind look like?”

Lowe continued that they didn’t want just a buzzer and intelligent contestant.

“It’s not enough to be smart and a hit a buzzer,” Lowe explained. “So we have Ava … a $4.5 million piece of equipment. … Contestants have to be subjected to really intense physical forces while they’re answering a certain amount of questions during a certain amount of time and because it’s an obstacle course, whoever goes the farthest, the fastest, will compete at the end of the year.”

The most challenging part of the show, Lowe concluded, is that no matter what your level is, a weakness will show. 

“If you have a weakness in ur knowledge," Rob concluded. "This course will find it."

So, can Tanya survive Mental Samurai? Watch back the video above to watch Tanya play our version of game and to hear more from Rob!

Catch Mental Samurai on Tuesdays on FOX at 9pm.