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25 Celebrities Eating Pizza for National Pizza Day

Today is National Pizza Day where we celebrate one of the best foods in existence. 

Pizza ranks as a favorite meal for millions of people and among them are some celebrities. Here are 25 stars chowing down on some 'za.

1. Gwen Stefani : The Voice judge might hollaback for some pizza:


2. Usher : He probably always says "Yeah!" to eating pizza:


3. Miley Cyrus : It seems like Miley likes her pizza with a side of spaghetti:


4. Jay Z  and Beyonce : No word on if they drink lemonade with their pizza:


5. Ryan Gosling : He even looks good eating pizza.


6. The Jonas Brothers : The guys have been enjoying pizza for years:


7. Kim  and Kourtney Kardashian : They might love their salads but they also are fans of pizza:


8. Kylie  and Kendall Jenner : Kim and Kourtney aren't the only members of the family who appreciate a slice now and then:


9. Madonna : The Queen of Pop might be more of a Pizza Girl than a Material Girl:


10. Simon Cowell : We bet Simon is a pretty harsh judge of his pizzas:


11. Niall Horan : He probably eats his pizza with slow hands: 


12. Tina Fey : On 30 Rock , she found a creative and quick way to down some 'za:


13. Justin Bieber  and Selena Gomez : Not even good pizza could keep them together:


14. Selena Gomez : She doesn't need the Biebs around to enjoy a slice:


15. Brad Pitt : He probably doesn't always eat his pizza while wearing a tux:


16. Jennifer Lawrence : J-Law is so down to earth she'll eat pizza at the Oscars:


17. Lindsay Lohan : The freckled actress likes her pizza with pepperoni freckling it: 


18. Kirsten Dunst : Hopefully pizza can cheer her up:


19. Sofia Vergara : She'll always make sure pizza is part of her modern family:


20. Katy Perry : She probably likes her pizza hot and cold:


21. Avril Lavigne : Maybe "I'm With You" was about pizza:


22. Meryl Streep : She could win an Academy Award for how she eats her pizza:


23. Kerry Washington : No scandal here - she loves her some 'za:


24. Harry Styles : Eating pizza with coconut water is just a sign of the times: 


25. Taylor Swift : There's no bad blood between Tay Tay and pizza:


Happy National Pizza Day!


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