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Kate Beckinsale Reveals Sad Reason Behind Mysterious Hospital Stay

Photo: Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale revealed the sad reason for her mysterious weeks-long hospitalization earlier this year while clapping back at an online troll criticizing her weight loss.

The Underworld star shared a video on Instagram in a revealing outfit on Monday (July 8), but when one user criticized her appearance and said that her "a-- ran away," the English actress was quick to defend herself. While addressing the comment, Beckinsale explained how the grief of her mother's cancer diagnosis and her stepfather director Roy Battersby's death have caused her to lose weight, per Page Six.

"No, actually. I watched my stepfather die quite shockingly, my mother has stage 4 cancer, and I lost a lot of weight from stress and grief, quite quickly," she said.

In fact, the grief was so intense that she said it "burned a hole" in her esophagus and caused her to "vomit copious amounts of blood," which led her to be hospitalized for six weeks earlier this year.

"I found eating very hard and I just worked very hard on a movie that was actually quite triggering because it also involved the theme of death of my father so I'm not really concerned about what you think about my a--," she said, adding, "Maybe you should worry about your own f---ing a--. I suggest shoving something up it — like a large pineapple or a brick."

Beckinsale documented much of her hospital stay in now-deleted photos, though she never shared the reasons she needed medical treatment. She did, however, later share a photo of her wearing a shirt reading "Tummy Troubles Survivor" that led many followers to believe her hospitalization had to do with stomach issues.