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Zendaya Reveals the No. 1 Thing Fans Always Ask Her

Challengers starring Zendaya is the #1 movie in America, so what's the No. 1 thing she gets asked by fans? Ryan Seacrest caught up with the actress on-air on Thursday, May 2, and talked everything from being a child actor to the Met Gala and more.

Zendaya shared when she gets approached by fans, it's actually always something different which is what she loves to experience.

"The beautiful thing is it really changes every day," Zendaya said, revealing fans will talk to her about recent box office hit Dune to moms sharing their kids are obsessed with The Greatest Showman.

So, why did she decide to take on her latest role in Challengers?

Listen back to the full interview for more and to hear a clip of Zendaya on OAWRS when she was just 15!