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The Classic TV Show You Should Binge Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We're switching up the horoscopes this week and offering you the classic TV show you should binge based off your sign! Which show did you get?

· ARIES – Are known for their ambition and leadership so they should binge “Pretty Little Liars”.

· TAURUS – Stability and comfort are what Taurus signs love the most…so they should binge “The Office”.

· GEMINI – You love to escape the Daily Grind so you will love to race around the world of the O.G. “Gossip Girl”!

· CANCER – Rewatching a highly emotional show that will crack through your outer shell – watch “Dawson’s Creek”.

· LEO – You love the drama and are creative at heart so rewatching the cast of “Glee” is perfect.

· VIRGO – Organized and ready to check off their daily to-do list, Virgo needs a brain break by rewatching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

· LIBRA – Libras are social butterflies that thrive in communication –“Gilmore girls” is the perfect show for them.

· SCORPIO – Scorpios can be delightfully passionate and intense, what better way to celebrate than with the cast of “Friends”?

· SAGITTARIUS – You love to explore and know that there is more to life than day-to-day chores…watching “Lost” is perfect.

· CAPRICORN – The hardworking Cap is all about patience and perseverance – rewatching “Ugly Betty” navigate the challenges of the fashion world is a great way to reflect on life as a Capricorn.

· AQUARIUS – You know how to live life on your own terms – and so do the characters of “Sex and the City”.

· PISCES – They love fantasy and constantly dreaming – “The Vampire Diaries” is perfect!