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Here's Why Tanya Wants You to Dissolve Your Marriage Pact If You're Single

Do you have a marriage pact with someone? You might want to dissolve it ASAP!

The convo came from Bachelorette's Blake Moynes and Love Is Blind’s Natalie Lee who shared: “Nobody knows this – I don’t think we’ve ever talked about it – but Blake and I have a marriage pact. If I am not married by age 35, we said that we would have kids and get married.”

Tanya Rad shared in response she wants you to be warned! She made a marriage pact with a previous pal and colleague and after dissolving it, she met her fiancé a few days later. Why? Her Calling In the One workbook said these pacts are us telling the universe “I'm good” which is a bad signal to send!

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