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Your Weekly Horoscopes - March 4, 2024

Happy Monday! Check out your horoscopes for the week below:

· ARIES – You’re going to try something different this week, it will be unexpected and a true delight. Your week is a 7.0

· TAURUS – Work needs to take priority this week. Let your loved ones know you are going to be MIA. Your week is an 8.2

· GEMINI – Lucky in finances this week! Keep that momentum going. Your week is a 9.6

· CANCER – This is going to be your week to put your head down and focus, say NO to being social. Your week is a 7.5

· LEO – Focus on moving your body every single day this week. Whatever it takes, make it a priority. Your week is an 8.7

· VIRGO – Plants need water and tlc to survive and so do you. Pamper yourself. Your week is an 8.1

· LIBRA – Reading is your best friend this week. That is where you’ll get the answers you’re seeking. Your week is a 9.4

· SCORPIO – Get that stinger out and prepare to attack – no one crosses you (or your loved ones)! Your week is a 7.8

· SAGITTARIUS – Get that creative energy out in any way you can. Paint, dance, just make sure you create. Your week is a 6.9

· CAPRICORN – You’ve had a little setback, this is not indicative of what’s to come. Your week is an 8.0

· AQUARIUS – Someone’s rude comment is going to be your last straw this week. Try to get through it with grace. Your week is a 6.9

· PISCES – You will have unexpected responsibilities pop up – make sure to track your schedule. Your week is a 7.6