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Play Our Annual Big Game Bets Here, This Time Taylor Swift-Themed!

It’s an annual tradition the team bets on the Super Bowl, but in a way that has nothing to do with the game itself! In fact, this year it’s all Taylor Swift bets and we know you want to play along.

These are all things you can actually bet on:

· How many times will Taylor Swift be shown during the game? More or less than 4 ½ times?

· Who is the first person Taylor will be shown next to? (The favorite is Brittany Mahomes)

· What will be the primary color of Taylor’s top? Your choices are Red, White, Black or Other.

· Will Taylor’s hair be UP or DOWN for the game? (The favorite is DOWN)

· And one non-Taylor bet: What will be the first song that Usher performs? (The favorite is “My Way” because that is how he has been opening his concerts. Other favorites: "OMG, Yeah!", "DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love", "Burn")