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DeuxMoi Reveals Facts Behind Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Engagement Rumor

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce really getting engaged? DeuxMoi joined Ryan Seacrest on-air for the first time on Wednesday, November 29, and shared the facts behind the "viable intel" she posted about the "Cruel Summer" singer and Kansas City Chiefs player's relationship last week.

In case you missed it, the anonymous self-described curators of pop culture shared Swift is reportedly expecting a proposal around her birthday (12/13) or Christmas and that Kelce's already asked her dad for permission.

"I think there's three dates it could potentially be, that being one of them. Christmas being another. And then after the Super Bowl being the third and, in my opinion, most realistic date that a proposal could happen."

So, did Kelce really ask for Swift's hand in marriage?

"Yes, that was told to me. But then after I said it, somebody said no that's not true. But now that we saw Travis and Mr. Swift paling around at the concert, it could have happened."

While none of this is officially confirmed, DeuxMoi shared she feels her sources are credible after four years running the account.

"I have a handful of people whose info I trust wholeheartedly so if it's something that I need double checked, I will ask them. But, for the most part, the information is crowdsourced."

Watch back the full interview for all the scoop we learned and more, including info on Harry Styles and HBO's White Lotus. Plus, did Travis get Tay snacks at Trader Joes? Sure seems like it!