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Our Resident 'Hot Vet' Explains That Spreading Canine Respiratory Illness

If you have a dog, then you're likely aware there's a mysterious and contagious canine respiratory illness that began this summer spreading across the country affecting dogs in at least 14 states now.

Dr. Evan Antin, who was named the hottest vet on Instagram and has joined us on the show before, shared the illness has been linked to cases of severe pneumonia in some people's immune compromised furry friends and resulted in tragically fatalities.

"We don't know exactly what it is ... but these kind of outbreaks happen every so often," Dr. Antin added, revealing signs to look out for consist of upper repository clinical signs such as sneezing, coughing, and nasal discharge. That said, "... for most healthy dogs, it should be self-limiting. It shouldn't advance to anything too severe."

If your dog does seem sick, Dr. Antin recommends treating them as if you had a cold with rest and supportive care like keeping them warm and comfy. Some dogs may require a cough suppressant which Dr. Antin says to consult your local vet.

Listen back for more. Plus, should Sisanie get her daughter a kitten for Christmas? Find out what Dr. Antin thinks -- and if she really needs to then get two...