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Disney Enthusiast Shares Top 3 Best Restrooms to Use at Disneyland

Photo: Pixabay/@BeastlyAppetite on TikTok

Disneyland is always crowded... and a lot of bathrooms can be located in the "hot spots" of the theme parks, but have you ever wondered which is the best restroom at the Disneyland Resort that is considered the cleanest and possibly most secluded?

Erick on TikTok is considered a Disney enthusiast and has a series of the best places to "do your business" at Disneyland, which is perfect for anyone who has bathroom anxiety.

Erick chatted with Ryan Seacrest on-air and shared the top 3 best places at Disneyland that are far away enough from everyone else to give you the most comfort while you... go.

  • Hollywood Lounge bathrooms right next to the Studio Catering Co. at Disney California Adventure Park
  • Batuu bathrooms in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland Park
  • Left side of Disneyland Park entrance right next to the lockers.

Will you be testing one of these on your next trip to Disney?!