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DJ Duo Two Friends Talk New Music and 'Big Bootie Land' Shows

Eli Sones and Matt Halper of the DJ duo Two Friends joined Ryan Seacrest on-air today to talk about their new music and upcoming shows!

These literal two friends met in the 7th grade and formed their DJ group Two Friends at the end of high school. But they're not only DJs... they've got the brains too! Eli attended Vanderbilt University for college and Matt went to Stanford. Even while in college and being in a "long distance" band, the two told Seacrest they would still continue to Skype when they created and produced their music to keep growing their brand.

The duo's current hit "If Only I" with Bebe Rexha and Loud Luxury is huge on the radio right now.

Eli and Matt are also doing a series of shows called Big Bootie Land which was inspired by a series they started 10 years ago where they would create hour long mixes people could play at parties or during a workout. The pair turned these mixes into a show and became their biggest show yet!

Watch Seacrest's interview with Two Friends above and check out the music video for "If Only I" below!