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These Are the Most Popular Halloween Decorations of 2023

October starts this weekend (September flew by!) and you’re already seeing Halloween decorations going up on people’s houses.

Here is what you’re going to see a lot of this year… so if you want to keep up with your neighbors…grab some of these for your house.

12-FOOT-TALL LAWN DÉCOR- “Skelly” the skeleton with his LCD-screen eyes is the most popular… but you will also see 12-foot mummies, ghosts and werewolves.

HALLOWEEN WREATHS - Purchases of candle wreaths are up nearly 200% this year.

Halloween wreath hanging at the sliding door

Photo: Moment RF

LUXURY PUMPKINS - A 302% increase in purchases of glass or ceramic pumpkins. Particularly black ones.

Festive Decorative black Jack-o'-lanterns on shelf. Holiday Decor porcelain pumpkins for celebration of the harvest season or Halloween. Autumn composition at home. Ceramic Large Halloween pumpkin.

Photo: iStockphoto

FLOATING CANDLES AND CANDELABRAS - TikTokers are using LED candlesticks with invisible thread to hang them…so they look they’re floating.

SKELETON ANIMALS - You’ve seen these around…but it’s a much wider range this year…including French bulldogs, Piglets and unicorns.

Giant Skeleton Decoration, Lawn Skeleton Halloween Decoration, Trick or Treat Home

Photo: Moment RF