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If Your Home Has These Key Features, It Could Be Worth a Lot More

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The housing market is a bit crazy, but if you're looking to sell your home, or want to upsell it by adding some features in the description, there are things that can actually increase the value of your home!

Sisanie just bought a new home and sold her old one, so these may have been helpful! Ryan Seacrest shared what real estate brokers on TikTok say can help sell your house at a higher price.

- PROXIMITY TO A STARBUCKS (Over 20 years, houses near a Starbucks went up 96% compared to the national average of 65%)

- A DESIRABLE ADDRESS NUMBER (Many consider 7 a lucky number…8 is lucky in Chinese culture…18 is lucky in Jewish culture)

- IF A CELEBRITY EVER LIVED IN THE HOME (Especially if they are still living)

Does your home check any of these boxes? You may want to ask for more $$$ on your list price if you're selling it soon!