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These Artists Say These are the Least Favorite Iconic Songs of Theirs

Have you ever wondered if an artist hates performing their own music? What if it was an iconic song that everyone loves so much?

An article on Buzzfeed broke down the songs these artists said was their least favorite!

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JUSTIN BIEBER - "Beauty & The Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj)"

He said he was never a fan of it, but understood that people would like it.

P!NK - "Don't Let Me Get Me"

She says "I wish I could burn that song and never sing it again."

MILEY CYRUS - "Party in the USA"

She says she picked that song because she needed something to go with her clothing line. "I hate it... but for some reason... people love it."

LADY GAGA - "Telephone (feat. Beyonce)

She says she had a terrible time recording it, producing it, mixing it, and it was super stressful... making it her least favorite song because of that.

NICKI MINAJ - "Starships"

She says "I hate Starships. Why did I do that? I think that every time I hear it."

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