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Why Are We Seeing More Paparazzi Shots of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively?

Have you noticed more walking paparazzi shots of some celebs that are never usually photographed?

More celebrities are private and don't have the paparazzi following them, and they can typically avoid from getting their photos taken when they're out in public.

In Tanya Rad's trending report, she shared that she has suddenly been seeing walking paparazzi shots of big celebs like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively roaming the streets in their city, running everyday errands, when they normally run under the radar.

Photo: Getty/OAWRS

Tanya's friend who works in PR says that because Season 2 of Reynolds' new show Welcome to Wrexham is out today, and because of the strike, they aren't allowed to promote the show or do any interviews.

Could roaming the streets and getting paparazzi to get photos of them a way of promo? Media sources may pick these photos up and share some info about the show on their own, without if having to come from the actors themselves to avoid crossing the picket line for the SAG/AFTRA strikes!

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