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Your Weekly Horoscopes - Week of September 11, 2023

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It's a new week! Here are your horoscopes to get you going:

ARIES – Aim for harmony over acceptance with conflict this week. Your week is an 8.9

TAURUS – Not everyone in an authoritative role knows what they are doing. Your week is a 7.0

GEMINI – An auspicious new beginning will soon take over! Your week is an 8.0

CANCER – Move on and have faith that justice will prevail on its own. Your week is a 7.2

LEO – You will have to be open and honest if you want to win over an ally. Your week is a 7.8

VIRGO – You have been giving time and energy to a worry that’s causing you distress– stop! Your week is a 6.9

LIBRA – You can fix your relationship or end it, that decision is yours. Your week is an 8.1

SCORPIO – This week is a great week to reach out and reconnect with an old relationship. Your week is an 8.5

SAGITTARIUS – Someone is giving you advice, know it’s coming from a good and caring place. Your week is a 7.1

CAPRICORN – A new opportunity to show off something unique about yourself is coming. Your week is a 7.7

AQUARIUS – Today start making an outline for that big life change you are making. Step 1. Your week is a 9.0

PISCES – Make your intentions crystal clear, whatever they may be. Your week is a 9.1