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Dating Expert Says Avoid Scheduling a First Date on This Day of the Week

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You might think this is the most common day to go on a date, but it's actually the WORST.

Ryan Seacrest shared the morning hack on-air where a dating expert on TikTok said that this day is actually the one day you should avoid scheduling a date, especially if it's your first date.

So which day are we avoiding?


The dating expert says weekdays are best because you're already dressed for work (although Sisanie and Tanya agreed that going straight into the date with your work clothes without freshening up first is a no-no). Plus, places are less crowded and you have a good excuse to leave if it's not going well. Some excuses: it's a work night! You have to get up early! You have work to do!

Save Saturdays for fun with your friends or family instead.

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