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Kevin Bacon on Highlighting Charitable Causes in New Podcast 'Six Degrees'

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Everyone knows of the "Six Degrees of Separation" game that incorporates Kevin Bacon to see how many degrees of separation someone is to the actor. Now he just launched a podcast with iHeartRadio inspired by this game called Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon.

The new podcast host chatted with Ryan Seacrest on-air today about the podcast where he "shoots the breeze" with the celebrities in the first half, and in the second half focuses on the charity or foundation that the celebrity has a connection or tie to that means a lot to them.

The podcast, which just launched today, 9/5, on the International Day of Charity, is hosted by Kevin Bacon where he interviews his celebrity connections each week about their favorite non-profits, highlighting the work of changemakers in these organizations making a huge difference in the world.

Bacon already has an award-winning non-profit he launched in 2007 under the same name ( The non-profit and now podcast focuses on connecting people to resources, sharing stories, and amplifying causes to make a positive impact in local communities.

Some of the guests on the podcast include Mark Ruffalo (The Solutions Project), Matthew McConaughey (Just Keep Livin'), Penn Badgley (Tahirih Justice Center), Idina Menzel (A Broaderway), Alyssa Milano (UNICEF), Jewel (Inspiring Children's Foundation) and more.

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