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Selena Gomez's New Album Will Be Her First Without Any Sad Songs

Selena Gomez is back strong with new music!

We're big fans of Selena and the "Single Soon" singer chatted with Ryan Seacrest to talk about her latest single.

When you're listening to her next album, don't expect to get in your emotions or feels!

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"This is the first album that I will not have a single sad song," Selena told Seacrest about her upcoming "SG3" album. "No sad songs. Just beautiful songs that are really fun, energetic, pop as pop can be."

"It fits the new version of what I've walked through and now I'm just happy and it feels good."

Selena and Seacrest also bonded of their love for foods... but maybe not the same kinds...

Watch the full interview with Selena and be sure to listen to her latest track "Single Soon," out now!