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Your Weekly Horoscopes - May 22, 2023

It's a brand new week! Here's how it's looking for your sign:

ARIES – When an opportunity knocks at your door, do a little investigating before opening it right up. Your week is an 8.8

TAURUS – Patience, patience, patience. A new business venture is just around the corner. Your week is a 7.9

GEMINI – You need to pull yourself out of a grumpy mood, try a workout, a treat, or something positive and rewarding. Your week is a 6.5

CANCER – You need to stay inspired because you are entering a time when manifesting will be easier. Your week is an 8.8

LEO – Have you been putting off a convo? Time to have it! Your week is a 7.3

VIRGO – Even if you think your ideas are silly … bring them up in your meeting! Your week is a 6.9

LIBRA – Shift the way you see the bully in your life and the bully becomes the size of an ant. Your week is an 8.0

SCORPIO – Don’t jump right into the deep end, start shallow & slowly make your way down. Your week is a 9.2

SAGITTARIUS – Do not try to wrong someone who wronged you – let the universe take care of that. Your week is an 8.9

CAPRICORN – You are nearing the end of a struggle…and treasure awaits. Your week is a 9.6

AQUARIUS – You will develop a great new friendship – be open. Your week is a 7.8

PISCES – If you push through your insecurities, there is so much joy waiting on the other side. Your week is a 7.0