Sisanie’s Husband Michael Gives Us an Update on Sisanie & Baby Siveya

Photo: Credit: Sisanie

While Sisanie is out on maternity leave, we're checking in weekly with her husband Michael in a new segment we've dubbed "Hands Full With Michael."

Michael and Sisanie are parents to twins Aiza and Maxon, 3, and recently welcomed baby No. 3, Siveya.

After 29 hours in labor — yes, 29, — little Siveya made her debut and she couldn't be cuter. So, how is Sis doing?

"She is doing great," Michael shared on-air with Ryan Seacrest. "So much better I think in terms of recovery," he added, referring to Sisanie's previous c-section. "... So she’s very happy about that."

Little Siveya is now 2 weeks old and surpassed her birth weight, a solid newborn milestone. She's also already smiling at mom and dad!

But, how are the twins handling the new addition to the fam?

Listen back to Michael's update in the audio above to find out and stay tuned next week for another #HandsFullWithMichael!