The Dominican Music Movement That Is Making Its Way To The United States

Hey Latin lovers! It's K Marie, a white girl in a hispanic world. Do you love hearing new Spanish music? Maybe you are starting to hear a lot about artists from Colombia like J Balvin, or Bad Bunny from Puerto Rico. But there is a new kid on the block in the United States named Kiko El Crazy from the Dominican Republic. Yea maybe you have vacationed in Punta Cana, or maybe you have heard about the genres Bachata or Merengue which are popular in The Dominican Republic, but have you heard about the Dominican music movement that is making waves? Many would call the movement "Dembow" but we have to go to the root of where it comes from. The Dembow genre was actually originated in Jamaica by an artist called Shabba Ranks where in 1990 he released a song called "Dem Bow."

After the release of that song, the genre picked up movement and made its way to New York. Eventually making its jump to Latin America in Panama thanks to artist Nando Boom creating a Spanish version of the song.

After the release of the Spanish version of Dembow in Panama, the genre eventually made its way to the Dominican Republic. And now the sound has really become a mix of Reggaeton with Dancehall, but with the rhythm faster than a typical Reggaeton song. Which brings me to want to highlight Kiko El Crazy.

Kiko El Crazy had never stepped foot into the United States until now. He just made the big move to Miami and everyone is talking about him bringing this Dominican music movement to the US. Kiko is known for his amazing lyrical delivery, fearless way of wearing crop tops, amazing pink hair, and unique personality. But Kiko is not new in the industry. He actually told Remezca that he almost quit doing music after 10 years because of the difficulty in connecting with the Dominican audience. But when he came out with his hit song "La Pampara," he literally added a new word to the Dominican dictionary while at the same time finally getting the recognition he deserved.

His move to the United States is a big deal for the genre. The move gives Kiko more opportunities to add his flavor to music coming out of Miami. The moment he stepped foot in the states, the word was out, and everyone wants to work with him which many feel will bring the genre to new heights. He recently signed a distribution deal to RIMAS MUSIC and is now signed to White Lion Records, an extremely respected record label in the industry.

He even released a new song this week called "Quiero Fiesta."

Now that Kiko is here, get ready to start saying "QUE PAMPARAAAAAAAA."

Photo Credit: Basilio Silva