Could Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Be Working On A Collab?

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Fans have been talking about it for years since Taylor Swift and Katy Perry made up after their years-long feud: could the two pop queens be working on a collaboration together?

Well, last night on American Idol, Katy seemed to hint at the possibility after watching two women perform a duet together (and after those women having some issues working together at the beginning of the episode.)

After the judges talked to the women about working together, and how they pulled out the best of each other, Katy told them, "that's what queens do." THEN, she pulled her fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie together and said: "Can you imagine if Taylor and I work together, what we could do?"

Of course, people online are losing their minds at the possibility of a Taylor and Katy collab.

One user called the pair possibly working together "the collab of the decade" and another said Taylor and Katie would "run the music industry" if they worked together.

See some of the best reactions below:

If you weren't already aware, Taylor is busy re-recording all of her previously released albums before switching labels (so every album before Lover), and fans have been speculating how she might change up the songs on the albums.

Some are now thinking that Taylor and Katy could collab on a new release of "Bad Blood" from Taylor's album 1989, which was famously inspired by the pair's feud.

What do you think?! Could Katy and Taylor have already discussed collaborating... or is this just Katy putting it out there that she would be open to the idea?

Also, if you could get a Taylor/Katy collaboration, would you want them to do a re-record of "Bad Blood" or prefer a brand new song entirely?

The options are endless! Yap with me about your thoughts on this possible collaboration!

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