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Kanye West's Ex-Bodyguard Working On 'Explosive' Documentary

Kanye West's life is about to be examined in a new documentary.

In a new interview with Page Six, the rapper's former bodyguard, Steve Sanulis, revealed that he's working on an "explosive" film based on his experiences with West. "Two studios approached me," Stanulis told the outlet. "They see this as a 48 Hours for real, or a Lethal Weapon for real. It comes from my mouth, I worked with [West] two separate times."

Stanulis is a former NYPD officer and Chippendales dancer who worked with West in 2016 around the time of his infamous Saturday Night Live meltdown. The 80-minute doc, which could start shooting as early as next month, is said to unfold the behind-the-scenes drama of working with the superstar. "Every day was a new adventure," he told the celebrity gossip outlet. "There are a ton of stories I haven’t told."

Stanulis and West previously bumped heads when the latter threatened to sure him with a $30 million dollar lawsuit, in which he claimed the former security member broke the rules of his NDA. Stanulis has since disputed the claims. "It starts off with $30 million lawsuit, and works backwards, with all the craziness. Why not address the elephant in the room?" he asked. "They threatened to sue me two separate times — once back in the day, and then on a podcast this year. It went viral, and they threatened to sue me again for $10 million, and my attorney countered and it just went away."

Photo: Getty Images