The US Is Getting Its Own Version Of 'Eurovision Song Contest' Next Year

There's a new singing competition heading your way next winter and it's unlike anything you've seen before.

Dubbed The American Song Contest, the new competition show will look a lot like Europe's incredibly popular music competition Eurovision Song Contest — which has been going on for six decades bringing in acts from 40 countries and introduced the world to ABBA.

Eurovision's popularity grew outside of Europe thanks to social media like Twitter where the competition show would regularly trend on the platform. Plus, many Netflix users have probably checked out Will Ferrell's movie by the same name and while it's a comedy, it does a great job of explaining the ins and outs of the real show.

As reported by Variety, The American Song Contest will be similar to the beloved European version where professional singers (including groups up to six people) from all 50 states will compete by singing original songs in any genre on a live televised event. 

Performers will go head-to-head against other states in bracket-style elimination rounds until the Grand Finale where one winner will be crowned.

Variety reported there will be an “American Song Contest Academy, a group consisting of music professionals based in the U.S. that represent all genres and backgrounds, from which juries of artists and music industry notables who, along with the regional audiences, will select top talent from all 50 states to compete.”

While we don't have a full outline of what to expect from the new show, you can check out the trailer above and get excited for the show's arrival around the 2021 holiday season.

Photo: Getty Images