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Zedd Shares Why New Track ‘Funny’ Was So ‘Challenging’ to Produce

Grammy-award winning DJ Zedd Zoomed on-air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, July 16, on the heels of the release of his latest track “Funny” featuring Jasmine Thompson. The producer admitted to Seacrest the lyrically relatable new hit was actually one of the most “challenging” songs to produce.

“We worked on it for a good amount of time,” Zedd shared. “It was kind of challenging, to be completely honest, to get it perfect because the song has a double chorus and I didn’t want to reveal it for as long as I [could] so structurally it was kind of a challenging song for me to produce.”

The track features lyrics like “Last time I checked, you're the one that left / Last words you've said, that you couldn't care less” and “It's funny how you miss me / More than you could ever love me” which Zedd shared he wanted to build up.

“I wanted you to be able to hear parts of the lyrics, but I didn’t want you to — there’s a lot of things going on — but, basically, I wanted you to get the sense of what I might be saying,” he added. “… You kind of get bits and pieces of the lyric, but you don’t know really exactly until the bridge. ... I thought it was really interesting to tease.”

Listen to the new track above and watch back the full interview in the video above for more from Zedd, including how being a gamer has influenced his music.