Quarantine Dating: Does All the Time Together Speed Up Your Relationship?

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich's romance is heating up and it brought Tanya Rad to discus on-air on Wednesday, June 17, does quarantine dating speed up your relationship?

Lovato and Ehrich spent the weekend in Joshua Tree and shared romantic snaps on social media, revealing they’re head over heels in love. Ehrich captioned a series of snaps "magical weekend in Joshua Tree with the love of my life 💘 @ddlovato."

Their posts come after Us Weekly reported the duo are on the verge of getting engaged. So does co-quarantining during COVID-19 speed up your relationship?

“You’re spending double the amount of time together,” Tanya explained. “Especially in a new relationship.”

So, four months would really be like 8 months. 

Listen back to the on-air moment above to find out Seacrest’s opinion. Plus, that means Tanya and “Socrates” have been dating even longer! How will they spend their 8 month anniversary? Seacrest asks!

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