Miley Cyrus Reveals Which Star Inspired Her to Become 'Hannah Montana'

A ton of millennials and Gen Z kids growing up either wanted to be Lizzie McGuire or Hannah Montana.

Well it turns out, Hannah Montana also wanted to be Lizzie McGuire.

Miley Cyrus, who played Hannah, had Hilary Duff (aka Lizzie) on her Instagram Live show Bright Minded and confessed she was obsessed with Hilary as a kid.

"I flew to L.A. so I could audition for Hannah Montana. And I ended up getting the role, but the only reason I wanted it was so I could do whatever you did," she told her. "And so really, I didn’t care about being an actress or a singer. I just wanted to copy you no matter what.”

I’m sure if you ask a lot of the current generation of Disney and Nickelodeon stars they would have the same story about Miley!

Photo: Getty Images