How Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande Are Supporting Fans Through Coronavirus

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We know Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande as pop queens... but now even more than ever before (even though both are known for being amazing to their fans) we know them as charitable queens.

We just saw the other day that Taylor decided to step in and help a fan who was having a hard time paying her bills due to the coronavirus outbreak. The fan was so worried about paying bills, in fact, that she was worried she wouldn't be able to stay living in New York City due to the impact of the global health pandemic

If you know anything about Taylor, she is known for keeping up with her fans primarily on Tumblr and checking in on their lives through their posts. And that's exactly how she found this one lucky fan, Holly Turner.


Holly shared that Taylor "single handedly" saved her ability to stay living in New York and working in the music industry.

Holly was not the only person that Taylor sent $3000 to, either. Other fans shared the news on Twitter about how Taylor reached out and sent them money to get through this challenging period of quarantine.

Two girls name Samantha and India also received money from Taylor. Samantha is a 24-year-old cocktail server at a bar in Florida, which is closed for the time being, and India had shared that her new job was put on hold for at least 6 months due to the spread of the virus.

As for Ariana Grande, she also has been helping fans financially by sending them payments on Venmo.

She’s been communicating on the regular with her fans on social media, who have lost their retail or service industry jobs for the time being. She has sent fans money ranging from $500 to $1,500.

We love seeing some of our favorite artists and people helping out! If we all support each other right now, things will feel so much easier!

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