How Smaller Artists Are Still Earning a Paycheck During the Quarantine

With the coronavirus halting large gatherings for the time being, one of the industries that’s taken a big hit is live music.

While bigger artists can obviously weather the storm, the smaller touring artists who rely on their weekly performances to keep the lights on are struggling.

That’s exactly why some quick thinking musicians and music biz vets in New Orleans created the Sofa King Festival, an online platform to raise money for artists and industry crew members through a series of streaming music performances from their couch to yours.

They have already had performances by the likes of Diplo and Melissa Etheridge, who actually filled out the online submission form herself asking to participate.

Artists who need the cash can be Venmo'd directly by people watching, while bigger artists can choose any charity of their choice to direct their proceeds.

So if you could use a little entertainment and want to help out an artist who could really use it, check out the shows that are streaming now at

Photo: Getty Images