Is SZA Done with Releasing Solo Music?

There was a time not long ago when SZA herself said she was retiring from music, though it was tweeted in a moment of passion and she soon recanted.

But after she didn’t release a solo album for a few years, her last being in 2017, people started to take it seriously.

She’s since released a hit song with Justin Timberlake called “The Other Side” and SZA promises new solo music is definitely coming as well.

"I will always make music. It’s who I am. So if I start making sculptures and then decided to take up entomology I’m still probably going to drop something," she tells Rolling Stone. "I’m only trying to make music that I care about...That’s it...I’m just trying to do things that are meaningful, and do s*** that’s passionate, and remind myself that I’m worth something and talented."

Until we get more solo music "The Other Side" with JT is out now.

Photo: Getty Images