Harry Styles Regrets This About His Debut Album

Harry Styles opened up in a new interview with Tom Power about the growth he experienced as a musician between his first and second albums.

He admitted that while he still loves his debut record in some ways, when he listens to it now he feels like he may have played it a little too safe.

"I feel like I was almost bowling with the sides up a little bit. I can hear places where I was playing it safe," he says. "I think if you're just trying to please people, the worst thing that can happen is it doesn't go well, and you regret the fact that you didn't make what you wanted to make. The best thing that can happen is it goes really well, and part of you probably still regrets not making what you wanted to make."

Harry did learn that lesson and absorbed it before making his latest project Fine Line and he couldn’t be happier with the result.

Photo: Getty Images