How Niall Horan Wrote Half of His New Album Without Really Meaning To

Niall Horan’s second album Heartbreak Weather arrived last Friday, which once again showcases his natural knack for writing catchy songs, but it turns out he dreamt up a good portion of the album when he wasn’t consciously trying to make music.

He slipped away to backpack in Asia again on a $40 a day budget and managed to stay largely under the radar. And as he was away with lots of down time ideas just started coming to him.

Once he got home he was bored and quickly wrote another half dozen songs.

So with the collection of songs intact, pretty much organically, he said to himself "I guess I should do something with these."

So he gathered some talented friends, headed to the Bahamas, where they wrote even more songs and the result was Heartbreak Weather.

Photo: Getty Images