How Grace VanderWaal Relates to Her Character in 'Stargirl'

When Disney+ cast their new movie Stargirl, based on the best-selling book, Grace VanderWaal was a natural choice for the title role and for good reason.

Both she and her character grew up homeschooled, play the ukulele and most importantly, are true individuals marching to the beat of their own drums.

While Grace is a role model for likeminded kids, she wants to make it clear she still struggles with knowing who she is like most teens.

“I still am so confused about my actual identity,” she tells Refinery 29. “Like two nights ago, I literally hyperventilated in my bed. I'm like, I am in skin. I will be in the skin for the rest of my life.”

Being that she is such a talented songwriter, Grace used that feeling of uncertainty that night to write a song, adding with a wink: "If I’m going to stress about something I at least want to make money off it."

Stargirl is Grace’s first acting job, which is a huge job to begin with, but word is she knocks it out the park.

Stargirl begins streaming on Disney+ tomorrow.

Photo: Getty Images