Elizabeth Moss Takes on a New Role on 'TheHandmaid's Tale'

Elizabeth Moss has won rave reviews for years for her starring turn in The Handmaid’s Tale, taking home multiple awards for her work.

The show takes place in an alternate reality where women are severely oppressed and not allowed any positions of power.

But in this upcoming season, behind-the-camera Elizabeth will be in charge, she will be directing an episode for the first time.

She says she's thrilled for the opportunity, adding: "It means so much to me and I do not take the responsibility lightly. Leading and executive producing this show the past three years has been such a joy and I’ve had the incredible gift of learning so much from the directors we’ve had on this show. I can’t wait to try my hand at working with my collaborators from this new perspective because I am lucky to have the best cast and crew in the world. My only hurdle may be working with the lead actress who I hear can be incredibly demanding. Wish me luck."

Elizabeth will director the third episode of season 4, which just went back into production and will hit Hulu this fall.

Photo: Getty Images