Are These Superstars Making Guest Appearances on Lady Gaga's New Album?

In the world of K-Pop BTS might reign supreme globally, but the girl group BLACKPINK is red hot as well on the verge of taking over the states.

And with a new rumor heating up it might happen sooner than later...Word is they have collaborated with Lady Gaga or her upcoming album, Chromatica, due next month.

Chatter began amongst BLACKPINK fans on Twitter, then news agencies picked it up forcing the group’s PR team to respond, saying in a statement:

"BLACKPINK is working on a lot of projects. It is difficult to confirm this information at this point, so please wait for the official announcement."

So while that certainly isn’t a conformation it does seem like they’re kind of hinting that this is happening, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Ariana Grande is also rumored to be on Gaga’s record and with the album about a month away we should know the facts very soon.

Chromatica is out everywhere April 10th.

Photo: Getty Images