Here's Why Normani’s Debut Solo Album Is Taking So Long

It certainly isn’t common that an artist can approach superstardom without having released a solo album, but then again nothing about Normani is routine.

Her time in Fifth Harmony, her undeniable talent and smash collaborations with the likes of Sam Smith and Khalid have all helped propel her career to the top.

That’s why her album, when it finally does arrive, will be one of the most anticipated debuts in years.

While it’s been a long wait, it’s because Normani is involved with every aspect of creating it, so it represents her in the most authentic way possible.

"There are so many hats I have to wear. There’s nothing that I’m not involved in because I like to be so hands-on and I’m very specific," she tells Billboard. "There’s no one that knows or cares as much about your craft as you...You gotta have an amazing support system around you, but as much or as bad as you want something, nobody is ever gonna want that for you as much as you do."

Adding that she’s about halfway done with the music and hopes to have at least one single out by summer.

Photo: Getty Image