Why Lil Baby Will Be the Next Rap Superstar

Lil Baby is inarguably one the game’s hottest rappers and his rise to the top is pretty unique because in the beginning he wasn’t focused on it.

In fact, it was only when Young Thug happened to hear him rapping and was so impressed that he literally paid him to focus on music about three years ago.

That’s why Lil Baby feels like he’s barely even tapped his potential. He says he’s now "20 times better" at rapping than when his #1 debut album came out.

"Every new song I make feels like practice, and now it’s almost scary because I’m at a point where I’m doing things with words and with beats that I never thought I’d be able to do," he explains to Billboard. "At this point that I'm at now, there’s a lot expected of me and I’m trying to go farther than what’s expected. I'm really focused on the future more than anything. And I don’t know when it’s gonna happen, but honestly, there’s gonna come a time where I’m as big as a Drake or a Kendrick Lamar."

Lil Baby’s new album My Turn is out now.

Photo: Getty Images