J Balvin Wants to be the First Latin Music Billionaire

Fresh off performing at the Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, reggaeton superstar J Balvin’s career is hotter than ever!

While he may not be a household name in every household in the states yet, he’s on his way and he’s a massive icon around the globe.

But he’s not satisfied yet, because he wants to achieve something for Latinos everywhere.

"One of my great dreams is to be a billionaire," he tells Billboard. “Not because of the money — it’s not like you can fly two private jets at the same time if you have a billion dollars instead of 100 million. It’s about making a statement: Yes, we can...We're talking billionaires in the entertainment world — like JAY-Z, who has been an inspiration for me. Why isn’t there a Latino there?”

J Balvin recently renegotiated his record contract with the help of super manager Scooter Braun in a deal worth $100s of millions, so he’s well on his way.

His new track "RITMO" alongside the Black Eyed Peas is out now.

Photo: Getty Images